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‘THE NARRATIVE’ takes a beating.

The (anti-White) Progressives have a ‘NARRATIVE’ of everyone but Heterosexual White Guys being a victim of some sort.  This storyline of theirs has had an immense collapse recently. 1.) Martyr Michael Brown was shown in video footage to be little … Continue reading

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A journey into White Nationalism

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s was a very White experience.  There were only a few Blacks around and the few Mexicans were only seasonal workers who returned home down south after only a few months.  One … Continue reading

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The Red Pope: Francis releases the demon of diversity.

Pope Francis has really been speaking some doozies lately. He recently addressed an EU group saying that Europeans were old and needed ‘new blood’, as in more immigrants!  Europe is already filled with people!  Also Pope Francis did mention the … Continue reading

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The Nation, and Whites along with it, take a dramatic turn for the worst…

Akin to Immanuel Kant I feel I must arise from a dogmatic slumber to face a new challenge: The Death of the West as testified to by Pat Buchanan! Since Republicans have won victory in the US Senate recently (November 4, … Continue reading

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