The Nation, and Whites along with it, take a dramatic turn for the worst…

Akin to Immanuel Kant I feel I must arise from a dogmatic slumber to face a new challenge: The Death of the West as testified to by Pat Buchanan!

Death of the West by Pat Buchanan

Since Republicans have won victory in the US Senate recently (November 4, 2014) the anti-White Left and their Zionist Controllers have gone on a massive reactive tear.

First up has been Emperor Obamas illegal alien amnesty by non-Constitutional Executive Order.  This is clear demographic warfare being unleashed as Emperor Obama attempts to stamp out the last electoral remnants of the White Historic American Nation and voters!

Secondly has been Black race riots and other immoral direct action in Ferguson due to shooting of a Black thug by hero police officer Darren Wilson.

The implicit promise of the Obama campaign in 2008 was that America would become a ‘post-racial’ country and that charges of racism, much less Black race riots, direct action, and demographic warfare would be things of the past once the Mullato Messiah assumed office in the White Mans House.

Clearly now the false promise of Obama has been revealed, and the predictions of Southern Segregationists, White Nationalists, and yes even some Paleoconservatives such as Pat Buchanan have proven to be closer to the mark.

The time has come to join the laters rank!!


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