The Red Pope: Francis releases the demon of diversity.

Pope Francis has really been speaking some doozies lately.

Red Pope

He recently addressed an EU group saying that Europeans were old and needed ‘new blood’, as in more immigrants!  Europe is already filled with people!  Also Pope Francis did mention the need for ‘identity’ to be maintained in European countries, probably to appease many of the Populist Right Wing parties, but how the heck is it going to be possible to maintain a national identity when one is being drowned in Brown Muslims and Animist Africans???

However I have noticed a much more revolting comment that has not received hardly any media attention, probably because it might cause many Whites to snap their heads back and wake up to the sinister Immigrationist Agenda!


Pope Francis celebrated Mass on Saturday at Istanbul’s Latin Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Spirit and in his homily reflected on the need for Christians to be guided by the Holy Spirit who is able to kindle diversity, multiplicity and, at the same time, bring about unity.

This is what I think of one someone mentions ‘diversity’:

Here comes the Diversity!

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