A journey into White Nationalism

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s was a very White experience.  There were only a few Blacks around and the few Mexicans were only seasonal workers who returned home down south after only a few months.  One only saw the Mexicans as my folks car drove past big green fields and one could spy their dusky bodies by peering outside the car window.  I don’t think I met an actual Mexican until I was a teenager to be truthful.

To get a good idea of how White it was  in the 1980s once at a pizza parlor my little sister, who was around 4-5 at the time, saw some Blacks come in to get some pizza.  She had never seen Blacks before and she yelled out that ‘They were dirty’ because she thought they were just White people covered in dirt!!

Race just was not an issue in this kind of environment.  The World at Large wasn’t really a threat, except for those commies with nukes in the USSR, and even they were White as well!


Red Square march


My first real inkling of racial issues was David Dukes infamous campaigns in Louisiana.  I thought he made a lot of common sense ‘If Blacks can have leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., why can’t Whites have similar racial leaders?’


David Duke campaign


However the South is thousands of miles away and my area was still very White so there was really not much traction with David Duke and racial issues.

This began a long pattern, until very recenly.

The next big event was the controversy around ‘The Bell Curve’.  The science seemed pretty straight forward to me.  (I am really into science and science fiction and the fury around the book was so hot that I picked up and read a copy)

In the intervening years I moved to ultra-diverse California for employment.  It was a huge culture shock to encounter ethnic ghettos for the first time and to feel like a stranger in ones own country.  Also around this time Pat Buchanan released his book ‘The Death of the West’.  The two occurrences were disturbing to myself.  However I turned back to ‘Conservatism Inc.’ type of thinking.  ‘The free market will solve the problem of welfare abuse amongst the ghetto dwellers’, ‘These third-worlders just need to learn to speak English and assimilate’.  

Pat Buchanan Time magazine


I changed jobs and moved back to the Pacific Northwest.  What I found ‘back home’ was equally unsettling.  The Mexican seasonal laborers had morphed into full time residents called illegal aliens.  Where they once fulfilled a harmless seasonal niche, they were now taking many jobs that the White working class used to do.  And every passing year there were more of them!  The Pacific Northwest was slowly turning into ‘Mexifornia Norte’!

Now with two big recent events:

1.) Obamas amnesty by executive order.  (Open demographic warfare upon the Historic American People)

2.) Black race riot in Ferguson.  (Proof that diversity does not lead to peace)

None of the two above listed events should be happening if Progressivism were true.  If Progressivism were true we should be six years into Utopia since the first African-American has been elected President.

It is now clear to me that David Duke, The Bell Curve, and Pat Buchanans ‘Death of the West’ were clearly right all along.

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