‘THE NARRATIVE’ takes a beating.

The (anti-White) Progressives have a ‘NARRATIVE’ of everyone but Heterosexual White Guys being a victim of some sort.  This storyline of theirs has had an immense collapse recently.

1.) Martyr Michael Brown was shown in video footage to be little more then a common thug.



2.) The following Fergadishu race riots have shown that ‘Diversity’ does not work.  If it worked then having White cops police a Black community should work out just fine, since we are all the same according to liberals.

These two things are going to be hard for the liberals to sweep under the rug.  The Race Relations polls are already heading south.  The implicit promise of Obama was that race riots would cease and race relations would get better.  With a Black President in office and a Black attorney general blaming phantom ‘systemic racism’ is a very hard sell to Whites who are not out-right Communists.


Obama race riots


3.) The Rolling Stone magazine has had to apologize for the false University of Virginia rape incident!


4.) Lena Dunhams (Jewess) allegation of being raped by a College Republican have also been shown to very possibly be a hoax.  The alleged perpetrator is considering suing her!




Lena Dunham sad


There is even a crowd-funding site up to help this guy out!  I bet this sort of thing would scare the crap out of our Zionist Overlords!  ‘The peasants are organizing against one of our Jewish-American Princesses Oy Vey!

If this has traction I might send a few bucks that way.  Lets not make life any easier for the Zionist Occupied Government or those who work in its media branch, like Lena Dunham.

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